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From Beginners to Advanced Yogis

Aspiring New Yoga Teachers

YTT 200 Hour
Looking to begin your journey to becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher? Immerse yourself in the journey of self discovery, while learning everything you need to succeed.
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Yoga Instructors Looking to Advance

RYT 300 Hour & Advanced YACEP Courses
We offer customizable advanced yoga training programs that fit your lifestyle. Explore specializations, gain deeper knowledge, and hone your teaching skills.
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Yogapreneurs Seeking to Maximize their Potential

Join the Kick Ass Yogapreneurs Community!
Enroll for this program and receive one on one support from a seasoned yoga business coach when you enroll for this program. Unleash the full potential of your yoga business with our comprehensive and holistic approach.
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Life Transforming Courses for Everyone

Looking for personal guidance on meditation, chakras, past lives, reiki and more? You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to participate in our spiritual development programs. We love to help others on their journey of self discovery.

“I loved and was so impressed with Colynn & Anamaya’s 200 hour YTT! I felt that the curriculum was well balanced and thorough. It was such a beautifully curated mix of asanas, philosophy, history and other related topics. The addition of the guest teachers also helped to add some fresh energy and focus to the group. I feel like I can easily and safely teach a yoga class now that I’ve graduated… and I also feel I’ve deepened my own understanding and practice of yoga in ways I didn’t anticipate. This 10 week journey seemed to unfold very naturally and organically. Thank you so much for this magical experience.”


“Colynn’s warmth, strength, vulnerability and beautiful laugh + her professional experiences as a yoga instructor and spiritual guidance made learning such a meaningful experience. There truly were no wasted minutes throughout the program, with each session packed with things to take in.”


“It was a lot of bang for my buck. Honestly, this was so much more than just yoga. It encompassed many pieces that will be  integral not only to my success as a yoga teacher but also as a person. Colynn is the reason I have come to love yoga as much as I do.  She is the “full meal deal”. She offers everything up and students can take away what they need. She is authentic, which makes her such an incredible teacher. She has a brilliant way of intertwining the clinical and spiritual sides of anatomy that makes the class both understandable and relatable. I have taken anatomy in the past and walked away from her class with more knowledge than university courses offered. Colynn’s class leaves you feeling appreciated, noticed,  exhausted, refreshed and wanting more all at once.  So much of what I learned I will take with me into life. She makes you look deep inside yourself and have the difficult conversations you need to have when you look in the mirror. Yes, she teaches yoga, but she also teaches life. I feel like she would give me a hug or a kick in the ass,  depending on the day.  All around solid human being. Thank you  Colynn from the bottom of my heart. Money well spent. I’m so glad I did this. It was a huge undertaking and I am so happy to have done it.”

Sherry Sweeney

“This course was completely amazing and life-changing. There is so much more to it than just yoga. It was intense, and a lot of emotional and physical work, but totally worth it. It would be worth taking even if you did not want to teach yoga. It is great to be part of such a wonderful group of people, and to have learned from such great teachers.”

Stephanie Mcallister

“Colynn’s strong anatomy knowledge from her experience in nursing and med school is a HUGE benefit. As yoga teachers in training, our goal is to work with people and their unique bodies. Gaining this understanding of anatomy will be an incredible asset to teaching safely and effectively”

YTT Graduate

Experience the Frik-Shuhn Fusion!

With Our Founder Colynn Vosburgh

Yoga For Every Body

Founded by Colynn Vosburgh, Frik-Shuhn Yoga & Coaching is a testament to the power of inclusivity. Emphasizing a queer-friendly, age-friendly, and body-positive environment, Colynn has cultivated a yoga practice space that welcomes all. This commitment to inclusivity has fostered a community rich in support, relationships, and deep connections.

A Fusion of Styles

Stand out in the world of online yoga with Frik-Shuhn, the most uniquely comprehensive school available. Drawing from a wealth of experience in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, & Restorative yoga, Frik-Shuhn harmoniously integrates these disciplines to create a truly unique practice.

Linking Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

Colynn's 17-year background as an ER nurse and her deep knowledge of Eastern philosophy enrich her yoga teaching. Her expertise in anatomy and functional yoga merges science with spirituality, creating a unique, transformative yoga experience. Frik-Shuhn Yoga represents this blend of medical insight and ancient wisdom, offering a holistic journey for every yoga student and instructor.
Ignite Your Passion

Elevate Your Yoga Practice with Frik-Shuhn Training

Whether you're embarking on your path as a yoga teacher or looking to deepen your expertise, Frik-Shuhn Yoga has the perfect program for you. Choose from our comprehensive YTT 200 Hour, advanced RYT 300 Hour, or specialized individual courses to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Are you ready to transform your passion for yoga into a thriving business? Join our Kick Ass Yogapreneurs Community! Receive personalized coaching and unlock the full potential of your yoga career with our unique approach.

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