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Yoga & Spiritual Transformation Online Courses

Embark on Your Yoga Journey: Flexible & Accredited Online Learning

Welcome to Frik-Shuhn's online yoga courses, designed for flexibility and convenience. Our self-guided online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own time. Accredited by the Yoga Alliance, these courses not only enhance your knowledge but also count towards your YACEP and 200-hour teacher training. Start your journey with our comprehensive and accessible courses.

50 Hour Online Courses
Yoga and Meditation Specializations

Frik-Shuhn’s 50 hour courses in Yoga & Meditation are available to yoga teachers as well as anyone interested in learning.

Meditation Teacher Training

This online course equips you to skillfully instruct students through several different types of guided meditations and pranayama.
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Restorative Teacher Training

All are welcome to learn from this online course in Restorative Yoga Training. Learn how to include the asanas in your practice, and how to help your students rest, heal, and restore balance in their bodies and nervous systems.
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Yoga Nidra Training

Learn the life changing Art of Relaxation, as you master this form of “yogic sleep”. This course equips you to offer guided meditation techniques that lead your students into a state of deep relaxation and conscious awareness, where healing and profound transformation can occur.
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Yin Yoga Immersion

This experiential online program features classes where you will learn to connect with and understand your own body. This radically freeing course dives into the psychological, energetic and physiological benefits of yin yoga, enhancing greater awareness as you teach others.
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Anatomy of Yoga Online Course

25 YACEP Hours

This course is a favorite of many Frik-Shun Students.
Reviews From YTT Graduates
  • “I had so many “ah ha!” moments during this training and I credit Colynn fully for igniting a passion to dig even deeper into anatomy and functional movement. I’ve completely changed the trajectory of my life by taking this training and am now deep into anatomy and functional movement and loving it!”
  • Colynn’s strong anatomy knowledge from her experience in nursing and med school is a HUGE benefit. As yoga teachers in training, our goal is to work with people and their unique bodies. Gaining this understanding of anatomy will be an incredible asset to teaching safely and effectively.
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Online Courses on Spiritual and Transformational Practices

Past Life Regression

2 Hour Zoom Call
Join Colyn for a captivating 2-hour Zoom call to explore the eternal cycle of energy and uncover the stories of two of your past lives. Embrace this voyage from the comfort of your home. Dive into the mysteries of reincarnation and connect with the essence of your soul.
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Past Life Regression Facilitator Training

25 YACEP Hours
Embark on an enlightening journey with this certified training program, where you'll dive deep into the mysteries of the human mind and past lives. This online course equips you with the knowledge and techniques to guide others through their own transformative explorations, unlocking profound insights and fostering personal growth.
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Invoking the Goddesses

25 YACEP Hours
Embark on a 12-week spiritual odyssey with this online course, designed to connect you deeply with the divine feminine. Ideal for those in transition, seeking healing, or desiring spiritual growth, this course empowers participants with balance, inspiration, and a path to rediscovery. Perfect for entrepreneurs and yoga enthusiasts alike.
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Awakening the Chakras

50 YACEP Hours
Explore the multifaceted dimensions of the seven main chakras, covering psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. This comprehensive online program equips you to channel inner energies for a balanced life, culminating in certification as a Chakras Practitioner.
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Start Your Journey with
Beginner Level Courses

Frik-Shuhn's beginner level courses are not YACEP certified but serve as perfect introductory courses for anyone wanting to learn more about Yoga & Yogic practices.

Intro To Meditation

3 Hour Online Course
Explore several different types of meditation, and learn the physical and mental benefits of each. Discover your own style and practice!
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Reiki Online Level 1

4.5 Hour Online Course
Discover the transformative power of Reiki in this online course, where you'll learn its history, master self-healing, remote sessions, and unlock intuition. Explore chakras and techniques for personal growth and goal manifestation, all enhanced by regular meditation.
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Transform Your Practice

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Advance your yoga practice and teaching with Frik-Shuhn's accredited online courses. Our programs are tailored for self-paced learning, offering you the flexibility to grow on your own timeline.

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