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Become a certified Meditation Teacher this February!
Meditation Yoga Teacher Training

50 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training is an experiential training. Spend a month meditating with me, practicing pranayama and learning the ins and outs of holding the seat of a confident teacher. Learn to weave these teachings into regular yoga classes, to write your own meditations and to create successful meditation/pranayama only classes.

Deepen Your Practice & Teaching-Class starts June 1st!!

50 Hour Yin Yoga Immersion

In this 50 Hour Yin Yoga Immersion we will journey deep into the fascial system to acknowledge and recognize all that you are storing. Learn the techniques, the anatomy, and the ability to hold space for one to many students.

Learn how to facilitate this experience for others - Next Training December!

Past Life Regression Facilitator Training

Join me for a 25 hours spread out over the month of December and journey into the techniques and practices, teaching methodology, and philosophy of Past Life Regressions.

Next event January 9th 2022 3pm PST!

Past Life Regression

Energy never dies, but is transferred back and forth endlessly, taking many shapes and occupying different dwellings. Once energy escapes an expired body it’s only a matter of time until it reenters a new body.
Come and journey with me via zoom over 2 hours to discover 2 of your past lives ❀ Bring a pillow, blanket and a notebook and pen to the session, in the comfort of your own home!!!! Online events coming soon!

Guided with live group calls - check back for upcoming dates and availability!
The Chakras - Spiritual Courses

50 hour Awakening the Chakras Course

This course is offered in 2 different formats:
- self guided for $333
- guided over 8 weeks with a group for $555 - includes 8 x 2 hour live calls via zoom.
Experience so many aspects of the chakras and awaken and balance your own system before stepping into the role of supporting others in awakening and balancing their own

Works for any spiritual business!
The Business Of Yoga - Spiritual Courses

Kick Ass Yogapreneurs Business Course

Ready to shift from the expensive hobby of yoga, to actually earning an income??? Check out this course!

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