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5 Mudras to Release Fear

How does being stuck in fear feel for you? Maybe it feels shaky, like anxiety. Maybe it feels more sluggish, like dread. However fear manifests for you, we all experience it. Maybe it comes up for you when you think about leaving your 9-5 to

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5 Mudras for Self-Love

February is all about love, right? I’m all for it. But how about we focus on the love that’s already within you, and how to connect with that love and give it to yourself instead of showering it on everyone else? Mudras are powerful tools

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Meditation and Mudras for Abundance

In the modern world, many of us have a mentality of scarcity and lack. Scarcity mindset keeps you grounded in fear— fear of there not being enough of whatever it is you desire, whether it’s money or love or travel. When you fear that there

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