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Oh My God!!!!

Oh My God Today I arrived on the farm. I did not expect this. I was shown to my abode and there were no fucking walls. Open air to the mother fucking jungle. No net on my bed. Listen… 4 weeks ago I had eyelash

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8 hours of Yoga!

Mar. 3 – journal entry Sitting with Harry and Denise, I was listening to them speak to being in a place of contentment. Not complacent, yet also not looking to devote their time at present to healing… As they feel in a good place at

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My Worth

Mar.1 – Journal Entry Yesterday was a day of insights. I did over 8 hours of yoga. Over 3.5 hours of physical asana & 2.5 hours of dancing and then ended with an astral projection meditation. What I recognized was more worth issues around the

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