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Dates: Held through the month of February each year in pre-recorded course format with live sessions Wednesday nights from 6-8 PST
Yoga Teacher Trainings - In person 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica Advanced
You do not have to be a yoga teacher to take this meditation training... But if you are, it counts for Continuing Education Hours ❤ This 50 hour training offers you the tools to skillfully instruct students through several different types of guided meditations and pranayama.

This course includes study on the Chakras, exploring the layers and their meaning. Learn to script meditation and pranayama into a regular yoga class. Review the business & sales of meditation and breath-work as workshops, full classes or in your own business.

This Meditation Teacher Training Includes home study hours as homework and required reading. Completing the training offers Continuing Education hours towards Yoga Alliance, as well as a certificate.


Be guided over 4 weeks with 4 x 2 hour live sessions with Colynn to dive deeper into training techniques and cover any questions you may have and to deepen your understanding of your human body, the postures, and the holding space and teaching methodology for students.


Yoga Alliance Certified as 50 continuing education hours or take it as part of my 300-hour Build-your-own teacher training.


Experiential classes to "feel" exactly what is being taught. Experience the meditations & breathing techniques to embody the teachings. Learn how to script your own meditations and have all your questions answered.
Colynn Vosburgh - Yoga instructor and Yoga coach

This training will prepare and certify students to:

  • Skillfully instruct students through guided meditation & pranayama.
  • Introduce students to several different types of meditations & pranayama.
  • Dive into the chakras.
  • Learn to script meditation & pranayama into a regular yoga class.
  • Review the business & sales of meditation
  • Learn breath work as workshops, full classes or in your own business.
  • Feel comfortable and confident sharing all of these teachings with students.
This transformational Yoga Alliance (YA) accredited 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed to advance your yoga education by building upon the foundation of your current 200-Hour Certification. Upon successful completion of the training program, with your YA approved 200 hour certification, you will be eligible to apply for your 500 RYT.
This training is unique because not only does it follow a specific curriculum, it has the space to tailor the training to suit your wants and needs in your personal practice, teaching yoga practice and your business. You will receive individual feedback on your current teaching style and we will discuss how to make your presence, classes and offerings more aligned and authentic.
Practicum hours allow space for us to co-create the direction of your focus in the training. You will be teaching classes, meditations and presenting a final project based on what you want to incorporate into your yoga teaching (or personal practice). Eg. If you want to focus on Yin & Chakras, your classes will incorporate your focus into them and the presentation could be the outline of a retreat you want to run or if you want to coach people through the chakras.
We look further at finding a completely balanced teaching and personal practice by focusing on, experiencing and diving deeper into Vinyasa Yoga (important for cardiovascular health), Hatha Yoga (important for strength building), Yin Yoga (important for exercising the stretchy tissues) & Restorative Yoga (important for healing).
Refine your teaching skills and verbal cues/ demonstrate assists/ refine alignment of common poses included within the 4 styles. Create inspiring themes for your class to integrate the mental/emotional inquiry with the postures.Enhance your knowledge of pose variations to adapt the postures to any body, any age, health condition, or limitation.
Dive deeper into the 7 Chakras and the chakra system as a whole. We will explore each chakra individually and connect the teachings and concepts to the physical body, our emotional states and current energetic balances. Learn how to create and effectively teach a Chakra Balancing class, Chakra Balancing Meditation, and Chakra Workshops.
Deepen your understanding of how to apply functional anatomy and physiology in your yoga teaching practice, your own physical body and daily activities. Increase your understanding of the Nervous System and its connection with our emotions, body and dis-ease processes.
Explore the teachings of the Yoga sutras. Learn how to adapt yoga for different environments (online, studio, gym, group class, private sessions).
Experience and understand the teachings of Yin Yoga and its effects on the body. Understand The Gunas, The Kleshas and The Koshas.
Experience and understand the science of Yoga Nidra and its healing effects. Experience Group Past Life Regression. Experience and understand the concepts of Restorative Yoga and its effects on the Nervous System. The new age of teaching yoga and how to adapt going forward. (Virtual studio guidelines).
Understand the power of sound vibration with Mantra exploration and application.
Experience and understand how and why to teach different Meditation techniques: both meditation only classes and weaving meditation into yoga classes, ceremony, and as an aide to guide coaching sessions.
Experience and understand how and why to teach different Pranayama techniques: both pranayama focused classes and weaving pranayama into yoga classes.
Daily satsangs to further explore ceremony, ritual (new moon/full moon circles), and other modalities to offer with yoga.
About Colynn - Yoga Instructor & Yoga Coach

Your Meditation Training Facilitator

Hi! I'm Colynn. Yoga Instructor and Yoga Business Coach. My teachings are a fusion of my education and experiences in life, the medical field, conscious community and personal development work.

I create and hold space that I have dubbed queer friendly, age friendly, body friendly and completely inclusive.

My approach as a Yoga Instructor is deeply based on the concept that I am not a healer, rather a space holder and that through doing my own work and healing my own soul, I am able to provide a space for you to do your work and heal yourself.

more about colynn

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