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Today brings up a lot of my stuff around expectations. We all have them AND they bring us so much disappointment in life. We tend to put our own opinions and wants onto others, literally setting them up for failure and ourselves up for unhappiness.

I came to the island to visit my family for the holidays and met this gem at a party. Ever have that awkwardness of being one of 2 single people (yes that means Adam is single!) in a room together? Well at 39, I did. Naturally we were paired off and got to talking. Well my expectations of this 6’6” tall ass engineer were blown out of the water almost immediately upon the mention of astrology, farm food and deep conversations about social media. We no joke took a couple long walks along the dyke and conversation was never an issue.

What inspires this post was 2 days ago when we were sitting and talking about being fellow cancers, it hit me - I never thought we would be here. My expectations of who Adam was were very far from who he actually is as a person. And I fell into this rabbit hole of my own expectations that I place on my family, friends and even clients. I like to think I am a pretty chill person with minimal judgements, yet I realize that there is a lot at play under the surface that I still need to see. How easy it is to jump to conclusions and not even be aware of it. And how it affects your life without you even knowing.


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