Meditation and Mudras for Abundance

In the modern world, many of us have a mentality of scarcity and lack.

Scarcity mindset keeps you grounded in fear— fear of there not being enough of whatever it is you desire, whether it’s money or love or travel. When you fear that there isn’t enough for everyone, you forget that the universe is an abundant place.

A scarcity mindset can be incredibly convenient. I see this all the time with my yoga business coaching clients. Your ego loves it because it keeps you small. If the world is a scarce, scary place, then you don’t really have to go for what you truly desire anyway, because you probably could never get it. You don’t have to rise to your full potential, be your highest self, and create your most amazing life.

This post is your reminder that this is not true. This is an illusion created by your ego.

Abundance is all around you, and it’s available to you at any time.

Use the simple meditation and mudras below to shift your mindset and connect with the frequency of abundance.

Using a mala with your meditation can be incredibly powerful. I love this mala from I Am Blessed Mala Beads.

Meditation for Abundance

Begin by finding a comfortable seat. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale softly out of the mouth. Continue to breathe this way as you relax and center yourself.

When you’re ready, silently say to yourself “I know the abundance of the Universe flows to and through me, and I receive freely without hesitation.”

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth 5 times.

Silently say, “I know the abundance of (whatever you want to receive— it could be one thing, or list many)” flows to and through me, and I receive freely without hesitation.”

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, inhaling abundance and exhaling fear. Visualize the bright white light of abundance coming in through your nose, down through the lungs, and all the way to your root chakra, your center of grounding, stability, and security. As you exhale, your belly expands and fills with light.

When you’re ready, silently say to yourself “The world is an abundant place, and I give and receive freely.”

Continue to visualize abundance entering your body as white light as you inhale, and your belly filling with light as you exhale.

Silently say to yourself, “I release fear and I am open to receiving the abundance of the Universe.”

Stay in this place of peace and abundance as long as you would like.


Mudras for Abundance

Energy leaves the body through the tips of your fingers, crown of your head, and your toes. Practicing mudras, “seals”, allows you to take that energy back into your body and channel it.

Use these mudras with the meditation above or incorporate them into your yoga or pranayama practice.

Shunya Mudra

Shunya translates as “empty.” This mudra helps you expand and open to clear blockages in your throat chakra and release the limiting beliefs of your ego.

Use this mudra to clear away blockages keeping you from the abundance that is your birthright, and open yourself to receive.


Photo via Jennifer Is Yoga.


Ushas Mudra

The Ushas mudra is all about flow.

When you’re stuck in a place of trying to force, push, and control, you aren’t allowing yourself to open, receive, and follow your intuition— all key to calling abundance into your life.



Photo via Yoga Journal.

Padma Mudra

This mudra, also known as the lotus mudra, resembles a lotus flower blossoming open. It relaxes your mind and opens your heart chakra to open you to love, compassion, and gratitude.

Above all, this mudra is a reminder of the peace, abundance, and love that resides within you already.

Kubera Mudra

The Kubera mudra is also known as the wealth mudra (now we’re getting to the good stuff, right?). Its purpose is to create a consistent flow of abundant energy and material well-being.

Kubera mudra reminds you that if you trust (and do the work), you will always be financially taken care of. You will always have enough.

Did you love the meditation above? If you want to dive deeper and develop a regular meditation practice, click here to learn more about my intro to meditation course.