Gratefulness is the word that comes up for me today. Around 1pm Bali time, I found myself sitting at a cafe with 3 men & 3 amazing children I did not know a month ago drinking cat poo coffee. Lol, yup you read it right. Drinking cat poo coffee ???? ????Yogi Will, Ryan and my new friend Cam (a whole nother crazy divine timing person) went for lunch today to eat localfood and Cam told us all about this coffee bean that cats are fed to poop out and that is where the coffee is harvested. Well we have to try that now don’t we.

I recognized this very impactful moment when Will was entertaining us all and my abs were burning, I was laughing so hard and my face hurt and Cam was telling me about taking me motorcycle riding around Bali when I come back. I had to take a moment to be so fucking grateful. Had I not made the decision to change my life sodrastically, I wouldn’t be here, in the jungle, with all of these fantastic people that I feel like I have known forever, drinking cat poo coffee, laughing my ass off and already dreaming about my next trip to Bali!!!!

I was so scared to leave my relationship. So nervous to sell my house, so freaked to release my attachment to all of my material belongings. AND yet I did it and I amso grateful I did. Here I am in Bali running a retreat with the most amazing people, co-creating this amazing sacred & healing space.

Today’s adventure set me up for my word of the year. Ryan directed us through this process and intention setting and talked on the word of the year and this amazing moment hit me - I want more of them. In fact, my word of the year is adventure. And I look forward to so many more!!! Bali has already been so intense and the retreat just started. I am grateful for this life I have lived and the one that is unfolding. My heart feels so freaking full.


Today’s post is about being Humble. Man the universe is so intricate and amazing. Knocked down from riding so high and yet also loving it. The lessons are immense.

The selling of my house is humbling. I have spent my whole life getting to where I am. I went to Med School, nursed in various different aspects and locations for nearly 20 years, had a couple beautiful children, a couple marriages, and finally got to the “level” I always thought I wanted. 6 figure business, big house, fancy pick up, travelling first class around the world. And....... still not fulfilled.

I have had this amazing, incredible life full of the coolest experiences and there is so much more to come. I have learned about the value of friendship and family, something I have definitely taken for granted, and the lessons just keep on coming. Feels like I am looking for them now. I have learned about asking for help and receiving (still more to come here I think, lol) and most recently humbleness and ego.

On my trip home from the island, I recognized this uncomfortableness in relying on other people. My no longer partner took the pick up and this left me without a vehicle but still needing to get to appointments and to teach yoga and just plain live. After asking for help from my dear friend Becca (who was willing totake me to my appointments) and Then explaining this to my amazing friend Tim at dinner, he started to laugh and told me he had something super humbling for my ego to offer - his free car!!!!

So I came home and went to my dentist appointment and went climbing and out for coffee and was driving down the freeway on my way to teach some yoga and felt this immense gratitude and pride. How perfectly the universe had provided for me & how excited I was to be free. I literally lifted my shoulders and patted the steering wheel totally high on life....

I taught a couple amazing classes and connected with students I haven’t seen for months. I was chatting with a friend and they asked, where is your truck LOL - lesson in humility, while remaining grateful. Wow. This life I tell ya!!!!!