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Aya Camp Entry #5 – The big dose

Journey #5 Journal entry : Went for a big dose tonight. Went to another dimension of melting and waves and totalphysical sensations. At one point I felt work being done in my crown. It felt like my skull was being mined away from my head,

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I Got Served!

Today I am headed to the mainland to teach some yoga!!!!! Yes!!!! At Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Chilliwack both tonight and tomorrow night. And it is just what I need, because today “I Got Served” with divorce papers. This is not a sad day, it is actually

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Today what comes to mind is shame. The word shame. The feelings of shame. A lot of the stuff that comes up around trauma, for myself and for others, is shame. Shame really means that you think something is wrong with you. That what happened

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