5 Mudras for Self-Love

February is all about love, right?

I'm all for it. But how about we focus on the love that's already within you, and how to connect with that love and give it to yourself instead of showering it on everyone else?

Mudras are powerful tools to help you shift your energy and access different elements (fire, air, space, earth, and water) within your hands. The best part is, they're generally easy and accessible to most people, wherever you are on your yoga journey.

Use the 5 mudras below as part of your meditation or yoga practice to help you access the love and compassion within you and offer it to yourself.

Image from Beautiful Mind.

1. Ahamkara Mudra. 

This mudra, which is all about self-confidence, works to activate your solar plexus chakra. Often when you struggle to love yourself, confidence can be a big part of that. Use this mudra to be more confident in who you really are.

To do Ahamkara mudra, bend your index finger slightly and bring your thumb to the your index finger between the first and second knuckles. Stretch your middle, ring, and pinky fingers out. Do this with both hands to make it even more powerful.


Image from Yoga Wiz.

2. Cin mudra. 

This mudra is one of the most common mudras used in yoga classes all over the world, and with good reason. It's beautiful mudra that brings the elements of fire and air together to represent the union of your individual self with the Universe.

How can you not love yourself when you remember that you are one with all that is? You are one with the cosmos. Your mind, body, and soul are not separate from the Universe-- they are the Universe.

Come into a comfortable seat. Bring the tip of your index finger and tip of your thumb to touch and rest your hands, facing up, on your knees or thighs.

3. Karana Mudra. 

This mudra helps you release some of the negative energy that may be holding you back from loving yourself more.

Whatever energy is running through yourself and your life that is holding you back, keeping you small, and stopping you from stepping into your power, use Karana Mudra to release it.

You can do this mudra in a few different ways, But I recommend bringing the tip of your thumb to the front of your middle and ring fingers, and lengthening your index and pinky fingers up.

Image from MindBodyGreen.

4. Anahata Mudra. 

Open your heart chakra, Anahata chakra, with Anahata mudra. This is one of my favorite mudras to help unconditional love flow through you.

Fold your index finger, associated with the element of air, into your palm. Stretch out your middle, index, and ring fingers. Fold your thumb over the top of your index finger, right between your first and second knuckles.

If you only choose one mudra on this list, choose this one.


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5. Padma or Lotus Mudra. Imagine a beautiful lotus flower blossoming open. This mudra reminds you that all of that wonderful opening energy is within you. Not only is it heart-opening, it also activates your crown chakra, your connection to the Universe.

Start by bringing your palms to heart center. Then, keeping your thumbs and pinky fingers touching, start to blossom your hands open. Your index, middle, and ring fingers all reach out to the sky.

Which of these is your favorite mudra and why? Comment below and share!