9 Mantras and Affirmations for Self-Love

I shared mudras for self-love with you, and now it’s time for mantras and affirmations for self-love. Align yourself with the vibration of the Universe and the frequency of love with these beautiful mantras.

Some beautiful ways to use mantra are:

Try them all out or use just one. There are no wrong ways to incorporate mantra into your spiritual practice!

1. So Ham. This ancient Sanskrit mantra translates as “I am that.” It reminds you that everything you desire, you already are. You are enough, exactly where you are. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion, as Rumi would say. You are that.

2. I am love. Use this mantra to remind you that love is not separate from you. Love is within you, and in fact love is you.

3. I am whole exactly as I am. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing that needs to be fixed. Exactly as you are is exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment.

4. Self-love is something I’m working on, and I’m grateful for all the ways I show myself love. Self-love is a journey, not a destination. It will always be a process and a part of your practice. Use this mantra to show yourself gratitude for where you are on your journey in this moment.

5. Loving myself is an important part of who I am. Remind yourself that love is a key part of your identity with this affirmation.

6. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. This Kundalini mantra is all about healing. Use it to work with your core emotional wounds and the parts of yourself that you struggle to love. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung brings balance, attunes you to the Universe, and connects with the energy of the sun, moon, earth, and Universe, to bring you deep healing.

7. Love is my birthright. Use this affirmation to remind you that you were always meant to experience love. From the very beginning, you were love. At this moment, you are love. In the future, you will always be love. Love is your birthright, and no one can take that away from you.

8. I am worthy of love, joy, and all that I desire. We all have those pesky negative thoughts that pop up from time to time. You know what they are: they say whatever it is that robs you of your joy. They ask, “who am I to do this?” And they try to trick you into believing in your own unworthiness. Use this mantra to tell those thoughts exactly where to stick it.

9. Yam. This is the bija, or seed, mantra for your anahata, or heart, chakra. Use it to open and balance your heart chakra, the energetic center of unconditional love in your body, and offer that unconditional love to yourself.

Which mantra is your favorite? Comment below and share how you plan to use it!