Sherry Sweeney

“It was a lot of bang for my buck. Honestly, this was so much more than just yoga. It encompassed many pieces that will be  integral not only to my success as a yoga teacher but also as a person. Colynn is the reason I have come to love yoga as much as I do.  She is the “full meal deal”. She offers everything up and students can take away what they need. She is authentic, which makes her such an incredible teacher. She has a brilliant way of intertwining the clinical and spiritual sides of anatomy that makes the class both understandable and relatable. I have taken anatomy in the past and walked away from her class with more knowledge than university courses offered. Colynn’s class leaves you feeling appreciated, noticed,  exhausted, refreshed and wanting more all at once.  So much of what I learned I will take with me into life. She makes you look deep inside yourself and have the difficult conversations you need to have when you look in the mirror. Yes, she teaches yoga, but she also teaches life. I feel like she would give me a hug or a kick in the ass,  depending on the day.  All around solid human being. Thank you  Colynn from the bottom of my heart. Money well spent. I’m so glad I did this. It was a huge undertaking and I am so happy to have done it.”