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Yoga Teacher Trainings

“Down to earth, straightforward, open hearted, business savvy, humorous, patient, the presence to command the group yet also the ability to be on our level.  Leading by example (w vulnerability)  honesty, Thank you for such an incredible time, and the special experience and patience!!  I really felt attended to and supported and able to trust you!”

Matt G

“She has so much knowledge and experience, and she makes sure every student feels included. She also is so much fun, it’s a pleasure and honor to be her student. I look forward to take more trainings and classes with her. She is truly amazing.”


“Colynn is a pro – experienced woman – a real teacher who loves to share – she leads a class and sharings like none – she’s always in a positive communication and open to help further if needed. Thank you Colynn for sharing all your savoir and we still have so much to learn from you! Thank you for sharing and linking with your personal experiences. We can have trust.”


“Colynn brings a lot of experience and attention to detail. Her knowledge of the human body has greatly expanded my practice and appreciation for safe yoga instead of aesthetic yoga.” 


“She is sweet, open, approachable and real. Her knowledge of the human being, humor and vulnerability. I loved and felt safe with her language and approach.”


“Colynn brought so many strengths and positive energy as well. She is very calming and warm, energetic and very knowledgeable about the business aspects of yoga and anatomy amongst many other subjects. She made everyone feel engaged and confident with what they were learning. She’s also funny and lightened plenty of moments up which I loved.”


“Colynn has a very cool background and real perspective on life that personally prepared me for the life and work after the training. Things she taught us about manifesting, creating business, and dreaming big were so inspirational, especially given that it’s based on her own experience.”


“Colynn brought an amazing anatomy class that I am grateful to have learned from her. Also extremely knowledgeable with a strong yoga practice, I appreciated the different perspectives that she shared and balance she brought.  Her light sense of humor and bubbly personality was approachable and appreciated.” 


“Colynn is so compassionate and strong it was an honor to be taught by her, I felt seen and heard constantly, and changed how I think about teachers in general. so much love to her and everything she brings to the training, passion, groundedness and nurturing.”


“Her knowledge and strength, she is just so confident and inspiring. On another note she is vulnerable and the way she shared her experiences really resonated with me. Her anatomy and medical background is just outstanding.”


“Colynn is a ball of light. She keeps things real and reminds me of the sun. I wonder what her zodiac is? LOL. She is very positive and humble. She is not afraid to show that she is human and is still a work in progress. She explains things deeply on how things should feel within the body. She is passionate and it is important to her that we understand and feel comfortable with her. She has such a special way of teaching pranayama. I’ve learned so much from her about breath. She has a gift of guiding people through meditation- a lot of the students in the class were able to listen to her and see and feel many amazing things.”

Megan A

“Incredibly knowledgable about the physicality of Yoga. And an amazing vibrance of positive energy. She always has the biggest smile which is so nice to experience. She’s great with constructive feedback. She is very interesting to listen too and learn from. She always brings a personal experience to different teachings. I learn from her strengths and also her journey. She puts it all out there and I love that!”

Liz M

“Colynn’s warmth, strength, vulnerability and beautiful laugh + her professional experiences as a yoga instructor and spiritual guidance made learning such a meaningful experience. There truly were no wasted minutes throughout the program, with each session packed with things to take in.”


“Colynn is fantastic! So real and I felt like I could be open and vulnerable in class. She has a great sense of humor but also goes deep into what really matters. Her intuition is so strong and I wish I could hang out with her in real life! Thank you sooooo much for allowing space to just be who I am. You are such a great teacher.”

Irina Z

“I loved and was so impressed with Colynn & Anamaya’s 200 hour YTT! I felt that the curriculum was well balanced and thorough. It was such a beautifully curated mix of asanas, philosophy, history and other related topics. The addition of the guest teachers also helped to add some fresh energy and focus to the group. I feel like I can easily and safely teach a yoga class now that I’ve graduated… and I also feel I’ve deepened my own understanding and practice of yoga in ways I didn’t anticipate. This 10 week journey seemed to unfold very naturally and organically. Thank you so much for this magical experience.”


“I wanted to do a 200 hr yoga teacher training “someday”. I figured when the kids were older and I could travel and take a month away, I’d do it then. The most amazing opportunity presented itself during the pandemic. Colynn was hosting a teacher training in Costa Rica and just as it was about to start, the world came to a grinding halt. She made the decision to provide the teacher training over 10 weekends online. THIS, I could do! I worried about being the least experienced or “bendy” and was also nervous about doing the training online. How effective would the posture labs be without hands on assistance? Well, I can assure you that Colynn’s strong verbal cueing is the only assistance you’ll need. She teaches in such a way that you feel and understand the postures in your own body, with a focus on the functional versus aesthetic. She would remind us that the goal was not to aim for a “look” but instead to aim for the feeling. This direction lends to an atmosphere of body acceptance and makes it easier to learn. I was so focused on being in my own body that it didn’t matter what I looked like compared to someone else. This will be the best investment you can make in yourself.”


“The Frik-Shuhn Yoga 200hr YTT was absolutely amazing! I came to yoga with nothing more than a curiosity and desire to increase my physical movement. This YTT not only satisfied my curiosity, but taught me so much about myself, relating to others, and inspired me to dig deeper into the path of Yoga. I felt that the online platform and having the 200hrs spread out was an excellent way to learn as it gave me the chance to really let the teachings sink in and I was able to integrate them into my life. Colynn is an excellent teacher; her knowledge, life experiences and transparency created a space in which the physical and conceptual teachings of Yoga were available to everyone and not just those who fit in a guru box or a yoga clique. Colynn also had the students sequence and theme our own classes as well as write our own meditations which I think makes better students and better teachers. I can say with absolute honesty that this YTT totally transformed my understanding of Yoga and has inspired me to make Yoga a part of my life and to share my inspiration with others! So freaking great!”


“It was a lot of bang for my buck. Honestly, this was so much more than just yoga. It encompassed many pieces that will be  integral not only to my success as a yoga teacher but also as a person. Colynn is the reason I have come to love yoga as much as I do.  She is the “full meal deal”. She offers everything up and students can take away what they need. She is authentic, which makes her such an incredible teacher. She has a brilliant way of intertwining the clinical and spiritual sides of anatomy that makes the class both understandable and relatable. I have taken anatomy in the past and walked away from her class with more knowledge than university courses offered. Colynn’s class leaves you feeling appreciated, noticed,  exhausted, refreshed and wanting more all at once.  So much of what I learned I will take with me into life. She makes you look deep inside yourself and have the difficult conversations you need to have when you look in the mirror. Yes, she teaches yoga, but she also teaches life. I feel like she would give me a hug or a kick in the ass,  depending on the day.  All around solid human being. Thank you  Colynn from the bottom of my heart. Money well spent. I’m so glad I did this. It was a huge undertaking and I am so happy to have done it.”

Sherry Sweeney

“The 200hr YTT is well planned and organized. I appreciated the recorded classes and the timely posting of the links. I felt the instructors that were chosen were very knowledgeable in their area of expertise. The way the schedule is broken down made it manageable. I ended up loving the online platform because of the convenience and accessibility. The material was covered throughly and clearly. I will be recommending this program  to everyone interested in taking YTT. – Colynn’s authenticity and willingness to be raw and real makes her so relatable. She made us feel seen, heard and held during some difficult moments and through the entire course. Colynn is professional , very knowledgable and experienced. She made learning fun and I look forward to continuing on with her in the 300 hour YTT!”

Tina Bittman

“Colynn can teach anyone anything, she has a great way of teaching that I found easy to understand. I look forward to taking more classes with Colynn.”

Jessica Stephenson

“This course was completely amazing and life-changing. There is so much more to it than just yoga. It was intense, and a lot of emotional and physical work, but totally worth it. It would be worth taking even if you did not want to teach yoga. It is great to be part of such a wonderful group of people, and to have learned from such great teachers.”

Stephanie Mcallister

“Colynn has a gift in her ability to instantly connect with her students and a passion for a very real and accessible yoga lifestyle that shines through in everything she does. I am so grateful for my time with her and this wonderful group and teachers. I’m excited to see where the journey ahead will lead me. Colynn is the best – professional, thorough, organized, so on top of her shit, AND…so much more! Her warmth, energy, extensive knowledge and ability to communicate and connect with each of us made everyone feel safe, confident and eager to learn.“

Sheri Butts

Meditation Teacher Trainings

“I just finished my 50h Meditation Teacher Training course and I truly couldn’t be more thankful. The experience has been fulfilling, intense, deep, generous and eye opening and I would, definitely, without any question of a doubt, recommend Frik-Shuhn Yoga & Coaching to anyone looking to deepen and explore their personal yoga path. Colynn has a gift as well for personal coaching and it was very inspiring to hear her feedback and guidance regarding how I could expand and find what could be my “jam” in this yoga path as a teacher. Authenticity was always the “key” word! :)”


Chakra Training

“Highly recommend the Chakra Teacher Training to bring not only a deeper awareness and understanding of the chakras and how to recognize and correct the physical/emotional symptoms of imbalance, but also to experience personal growth and healing. I found myself looking forward to the meditations each week and the group lessons/discussions. I am looking forward to participating in more workshops and training for sure!”

Natalie B


“I have taken many yoga classes from Colynn and have always enjoyed them. The highlight for me working with Colynn was my time spent with her in Costa Rica. Her coaching and guidance throughout the retreat really gave me the push I needed to stop being complacent in my life. My acceptance of a mediocre life ended during that week. She showed me I could have more and deserved more. Since that week I’ve been on a trajectory to fulfilling my dreams. I can never thank her enough for all she’s done for my self-esteem and self-worth. Work with Colynn – you will be so grateful and so happy you did.”

Kristy V

General Raves

“It is an absolute pleasure to know Colynn and call her a colleague! Colynn has offered toddlers, kids, family yoga, meditation and taught several classes at Studio B! Her passion and enthusiasm to help people and the community as well as make a career of teaching yoga is inspiring!

In Colynn’s words, ‘thank you for being you’ ; )”

Crystal H.

“Colynn is such a pleasure. He guidance and voice are the smoothest I have encountered in my practice.  Her attention to detail and willingness to share is unprecedented.  Anyone would be blessed to spend time with this beauty.”

Dawn S

“I am so very grateful for this beautiful soul. Meditation Monday helps me reduce my anxiety and Wednesdays wise words just puts me in such a great mood.I really hope someone benefits from me sharing this..i love this online group.”

Jenny W.

“A very gifted person sharing her gifts with the world.”

Kristie S

“The best yoga and coaching I have ever experienced.”

Trinna W.
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