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The Beginning of this Chapter

I always love to ask people, really where does your journey begin? And the answer always varies. I keep thinking this next chapter doesn’t start until I go on this epic pilgrimage across the Americas, but I was wrong. This chapter started back in September when I started coming to the island, or even in August finishing my 300hour YTT with Reanna Costa. My life changed completely and the people that were sucked into my vortex have been so monumental in my growth.

As part of my journey I am committed to documenting the entire trip via social media. Fuck ya, I am going to be one of “those people”. It started the other day with Shannan, my amazing acupuncture/cuppist lol. Then last night with some amazing Indian food and this incredible human.

This is Tim. Tim is a sip panel expert and a tiny home builder. He is incredible at what he does and even helps out with the odd construction job. He is a vegan, and yes ladies he is single. Our conversations have always been deep and impactful & the universe brought us together in such a crazy & perfect way back in September. I am incredibly grateful for his support and long talks about life ????

I spent so much time on my career and business that I am recognizing (yes just now) how I let all of my other relationships fall to the wayside. What I am learning, is how important fostering friendship is and the impact it has on my heart and my life!!!


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