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Group Coaching

Co-creating, as a group, up to 8 people are led through 12 - 2 hour business coaching sessions, semi-monthly over 6 months to examine specific business principles that will support you in achieving all that you desire. Each zoom session is set up around fundamental strategies to guide business owners through setting up a successful and flourishing business. The goal is to not only set up a prosperous extension of your purpose, but to set you up to maintain that wealth over time.

One-on-One Coaching

The most precise and intense way to uplevel your business. Together we meet weekly over a 3 or 9 month time period to work intimately and intensely on taking your business to the next parallel. It is said that investing in yourself will change your world. It works in all aspects from financial, to relational, in literally all aspects of the word.

Yogapreneurs Business Course

It is time to kick ass at your Yoga Business! After investing a lot of your time and money in Yoga Teacher Training, specialty trainings, workshops, and so much more, are you seeing exponential growth in your business? Are you still spending a significant amount of time teaching in Studios? Are you working a job that you wish you weren't? Well, I did the same, supporting the yoga industry with the all too familiar learning without earning route. Pouring many hours and tons of money into Specialty Trainings, Mentorships, and Courses, yet still not increasing my income enough to totally support me. I had to keep my "real job" even though I was totally burnt out. Until, I met a business coach! Within 4 months I quit my nursing job, med school and started teaching yoga 100% of the time, bringing in way more than I did nursing. Though, I understand that is a scary route - investing my yearly income with a person I barely know. That is where this course came from. I truly believe working one on one with someone is where you will experience the most growth in your business, but when the leap is just too much to start, this course will help you to establish your business, while working your other job. This 16 Lesson course can be done at your own pace, assisting you in implementing the steps at any speed you wish. Acquire the tools to watch your workshops fill up, your retreats sell out, your classes grow and your products or courses sell!!! The bonus here is that this first time around, it will be offered in a FB group and I will be answering all your questions and assisting with your clarity around Homework to help you dig deeper and increase your success. Lesson 1 - Introductions: To me, to the course, to the group Lesson 2 - Routine: Of successful people - take it or leave it 🙂 Books to read & so much more. Lesson 3 - The Picture of You: A visual explanation of the Subconscious and Conscious mind that can change your life. Lesson 4 - Clarity: The importance of clarity in life & business. Lesson 5 - Authenticity: Find your flavour. Find your voice. Lesson 6 - Google Maps: And interesting lecture comparing the universe, intuition & Google Maps. Lesson 7 - Ideal Client: The most important part of your business. Lesson 8 - Irresistible Offer: How to enroll clients by creating offers that are hard to refuse. Lesson 9 - Yoga Business Offerings: What do you want to offer? Lesson 10 - Pricing: How to price anything. Lesson 11 - Marketing: Guide to Social Media, websites, funnels & more. Lesson 12 - Sales: Yes sales. You are always selling, why not learn to be good at it? Lesson 13 - Workshops & Courses: How to design, implement & sell your own workshops. Lesson 14 - Private Yoga: How to capitalize, teach & enjoy privates as a main source of income. Lesson 15 - Prenatal, Postnatal, Toddlers, Kids, & Teen Yoga: A lucrative business. How to decide which to teach and when you decide, how to set them up to increase income immediately. Lesson 16 - Retreats: How to book, schedule & fill your own retreats. Lesson 17 - Bringing it all Together: A review of all of the lessons packed into a goodbye! How to get your certificate.

Currently the statistics say that there are more yoga teachers in the world than yoga students. In a time full of chaos and stress, this fact is vitally important in a world that needs more love, honesty and faith. This also means that we don’t need more yoga teachers, we need more authentic yoga teachers. As a yoga teacher, you have your own “flavour” to share with the world, and it is your flavour that we will work together to develop your business around.


The term coach comes from the Hungarian word “kocsi” translated to “carriage”, named after the village where this particular mode of transportation was developed. Hundreds of years later, it became a slang word at Oxford University in England to mean a trainer or instructor who carried a student through an exam. 1861 was when this term was used in relation to sports. Now, business coaching is known as a process used to take a business from where it is currently to where the business owner wants it to be.


If you are tired of working hard to scrape together an income working in studios, if you are dreaming of increasing your income by travelling the world leading retreats, if you don’t want slave away at your “stable” job and want to live your purpose, or if you have already started a business and are ready to take it to the next level then it is time to call me. I offer many different avenues, at all levels of costs that will help guide you to a successful business bringing in 5 or 6 figures monthly. If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand - Bob Proctor

Tony Robbins made me aware of the fact that any person can start a business, but most do not have a business degree. This means that a majority of business owners lack the knowledge needed to succeed in a competitive world. So many people start a business not expecting to make an income for over 2 years and unfortunately, more than 80% of those businesses close as quickly as they started. Those numbers skyrocket at 5 years to 94% of all self-owned businesses closing. This doesn’t have to be your story.

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